World’s Largest Cleaning & Restoration Factory is Now the World’s Greenest!

In addition to being the world’s largest cleaning and restoration factory, we are also the world’s greenest as well. GeoGenix, an established industry leader in residential and commercial solar installations in the mid-Atlantic region, installed a ROOFTOP SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM at our 55,000-square-feet headquarters in East Orange, NJ back in 2012.


The $1.4 million system consists of 1,200 solar panels that produce about 363,000 kilowatts-hours of electricity, which is enough to onset 90 to 100 percent of the building’s electricity load. We actually make more electricity than we use on a yearly basis.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with such an environmentally responsible company as Rug Renovating,” said Gaurav Naik of GEOGENIX. “They have a keen understanding of the benefits and importance of solar, and their dedication to bettering the environment and preserving it for future generations is part of its corporate philosophy.”

Here are some environmental benefits since the solar system installation:

  • Offset of 455,376 lbs of coal – that would have been burned to create electricity
  • 1,033 trees saved
  • Offset of 902 barrels of oil – that would have been burned to create electricity
  • We produced 1,534,287 KWH of electricity with our solar system

solar_roof_drone1.jpgThe pictures depict drones flying over our rooftop voltaic system. The drones use thermal imaging technology to ensure that our photovoltaic system is functioning and producing electricity properly, while also being able to detect if there are any solar panels not producing to their peak performance.

This isn’t our first green responsibility initiative either. In 2007, we invested $33,000 to replace all the lighting in the facility with new fluorescent bulbs that are Energy Star rated. This reduces our facility’s electricity for lighting by 40 percent. In addition, in 2009, we spent $300,000 to replace our roof with Energy Star-rated roof.

“Going green” is a hot topic in today’s society. Likewise, “GREEN CLEANING” is a big buzzword in the cleaning services industry. It minimizes the exposure of harsh cleaning compounds to your family or pets, and the impact of cleaning solutions on the environment.

solar_roof_drone_2.jpgIn order for a rug cleaning service to be truly green, we believe that a rug cleaners responsibility should include the entire cleaning process, such as incorporating equipment, cleaning procedures, waste collection and disposal.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph.D is the former EPA head of EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Studies and author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health. He gives these four pieces of information when it comes to “green cleaning”:

  1. The number one cause of an unhealthy environment is Cleanliness
  2. Green is a process, not a chemical
  3. We must have science that supports the effectiveness of the ‘green’ solution
  4. Green and cleaning are synonymous terms- proper removal, collection and disposal of unwanted matter

We use the proper disposal techniques when it comes to CLEANING ORIENTAL RUGS and area carpets. All of the water and cleaning detergents are released into our sanitary sewer, which then travels through the sewer system to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC), where it is treated and released into New York Harbor. The PVSC operates one of the country’s largest treatment plants for the wastewaters of northern New Jersey.

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