What Stinks and How to Get Rid of It



Whether it be from a pet, dirt, smoke, mildew, or other odor, you need to:

  • Prevent it
  • Identify it
  • Fix it

Before it’s too late!

Rug and carpet odors can come from a variety of sources and often we might not notice them until they get unbearable and we don’t know what to do about it! Here are a few tips to prevent odors from developing, identify them if they occur and what steps to take in order to eliminate them.

Prevent it:

Sometimes it is inevitable, life happens and your rug ends up with a mysterious odor but taking steps to prevent it can save headaches later. Be careful for food or drinks on the counters and tables because a small spill can contribute to causing an odor on your rug or carpet. If there happens to be a spill make sure you clean it as soon as possible to avoid left over residue that could cause harmful bacteria to grow. 

If you recently encountered water damage, a pipe leakage, indoor flooding or any type of water damage your rug or carpet can be severely affected if not cared for properly. You must take the necessary steps to ensure your rug is fully dried. Water left in the rug can cause bacteria to grow and can lead to mold or mildew.

This is also true for snow this time of year – make sure that you are not leaving your rug or carpet wet from the snow that is coming in from the outside!

If you have a pet they can cause many of the odors as well. A precaution you can take is to clean any mud or dirt that may be on your pet’s paws after outdoor activities. If your pet has had an accident, take the necessary steps to thoroughly clean the soiled areas to avoid bacteria growth which causes unwanted odors. 

Identify it:

It can be difficult to identify an odor, but through process of elimination, you can have an idea of what the odor might be. Ask yourselves these questions, to have an idea of what might be causing a certain odor.

Do you have pets?

Are they allowed around the carpeted area?

After outdoor activities do they come in contact with a rug or carpet?

Over time has your pet had accidents on the rug or carpet?

No pets-

Was there any food or beverage that spilled on the rug or carpet?

How long was it there for?

How well was it cleaned up?

Do you have children who might walk into carpeted areas with their sneakers on?

Was there any water or smoke damage that might have occurred near or on the rug or carpet?

What was done to dry up the water?

Fix it:

Carpets and rugs capture odors and hold onto them. However, these odors can be removed, and the time and effort will depend largely on the type and intensity of the odor. If the odor is strong, be prepared to have an expert spend some time removing the odors from your carpet or rug. When possible, adding fresh air always helps to expedite the process.

Tweeds Rug and Carpet Cleaning can gently and safely eliminate most offensive odors caused by mildew, pets, smoke and other causes. If your rugs have an odor problem, ask us about our cleaning and deodorizing processes.

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