To Stain Protect or Not to Stain Protect – here’s your proof

We are constantly asked by clients does the FiberGuard stain protection really work? Our answer is the same every time. FiberGuard doesn’t make your rug bullet proof, but it does a number of things very well. The benefits are:

To Stain Protect or Not to Stain Protect

  • Helps spills and accidents to blot up if attended to quickly
  • Allows for easier stain, spill and spot removal when you get to it
  • Helps rugs, carpets and furniture clean up better through soil release
  • Makes vacuuming more effective and beneficial
  • Helps reduce wear and tear on all types of fibers


Here is a good example of why you want to apply stain protection.

This rug was purchased at ABC Carpet & Home in August of 2017. It is a beautiful 10 x 14 knotted contemporary Indian rug made out of wool and viscose by one of the finest rug manufactures in India. The rug retails for approximately $10,000.00. 


The purchaser had us apply FiberGuard stain protection to this brand new rug. Three months later she calls us and is complaining that the rug is turning black due to the application of the stain protection. Well that didn’t make sense and a Certified Rug Specialist from our staff went to the client’s home to make an in person inspection.

It was very clear that this rug was being heavily used in a family room. When chairs around the rug were moved, the rug was the original color and in like new condition. There was a large coffee table situated in front of three large sofas and the home had 2 very large and extremely furry cats and 1 medium size dog.

Our inspector was completely shocked and horrified that a 3-month old rug could get this dirty. He successfully proved to the client that the stain protection had nothing to do with the rug “turning black” in places, rather it had everything to do with the rug being abused and housekeeping issues and multiple pets!!


We proceeded to have the rug picked up, and thoroughly cleaned and we were delighted with the results. We strongly believe that the application of the FiberGuard stain protected allowed us to clean the rug and bring it back to its 3-month old like new condition. We informed the client that this rug will need cleaning twice a year or they need to change their housekeeping and life style on top of the rug.

The client was very happy but we got the feeling that the pets are more important to them than the rug!!  FiberGuard quietly did its job and allowed for soil release on a pretty delicate fiber like viscose. Click the button below to contact Rug Renovating and make your appointment to protect your rugs and carpets!

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