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How to Choose the Best Vacuum

There are thousands of vacuum cleaners available for purchase. So how do you know the “best choice” for you? To come up with the answer I turned to the CRI and Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is world famous for their testing, evaluating and rating of thousands of different products. They also include pricing information so you are not reading about the vacuum of your dreams only to find out that when you go to buy it costs $1,495. Consumer Reports’ latest evaluation of vacuums was published in the February 2011 issue, where they tested and reported on 134 vacuum cleaners.

I have reviewed both the CRI and the Consumer Reports and have provided you with what I think are the top three recommendations, listed below. I have also provided you with the website for Consumer Reports so you can check our all their recommendations on your own.

Consumer Reports – top three picks:

1) Miele Twist S7210 $475

2) Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Edition U6485-900 or UH5000 $240

3) Kenmore Intuition 31100 $250

Visit Consumer Reports at: WWW.CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG

*there is a fee to view their selections – I paid $6.95 for one month of access

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