In-Home Carpet Cleaning Services

At Rug Renovating, our priority is to provide you with a stress-free cleaning experience and a clean, deodorized, and stain-free area rug. Speak with one of our experts by calling 973-675-8313 or request your quote today. We gladly serve the greater New York City area with carpet cleaning in-home services.

There are many ways to clean carpet.

The main in-home carpet cleaning solutions are shampoo, carbonated water, bonnet, dry powder and steam extraction.

Shampoo Cleaning

With shampoo cleaning a soap detergent is scrubbed into the carpet with a rotary machine. After it dries you vacuum up the soap residue that has captured the dirt. We believe that this method only pushes the dirt down into the carpet pile.

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Carbonated Water

The carbonated water method starts out with pre-spraying a solution onto the carpet. Then, a rotary machine with a bonnet attached to the bottom is passed over the carpet to transfer the soil from the carpet to the pad. This process has been franchised around the country, most commonly under the name Chem-Dry. It is better than shampoo and is almost fool-proof for the franchisee but still leaves much to be desired.

Dry Powder

The dry powder in-house carpet cleaning method is accomplished by sprinkling a cleaning compound on the carpet, brushing it in, and then vacuuming it out. The problem is that not all the compound comes out with the vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses a soap solution that is sprayed onto the carpet and then lifted out or extracted removing the soap, water and dirt. Despite the name, steam is not even used in the process. Of all the in-home carpet cleaning methods available to you, this is by far the best, and when properly done will produce the greatest results.

We use steam cleaning and are not the only ones who recommend it. Shaw Carpet, the largest manufacture of broadloom carpet in the world, recommends the hot water extraction system, which research indicates provides the best capability for cleaning. The 3M Company, the manufacturer of Scotchgard Carpet Protector, says that when cleaning is needed, the recommended method is extraction (steam) cleaning. The extraction process leaves the least amount of detergent in the carpet. It is the detergent in the carpet which attracts most soil.

We have taken the steam cleaning process and improved upon it. When our technicians arrive at your home or office they will pre-spot the problem areas, move the furniture that can be moved, thoroughly clean the carpet, replace the furniture to its original location, and place foil pads under the legs of the furniture to protect the carpet. This is our normal in house rug cleaning process. It should take approximately six to twelve hours for the carpet to dry. We will put paper down in areas that you need to walk on after cleaning.

We also have an even better process that we call Ultra Clean. With this process we do our regular cleaning and add to it an additional clean-water rinse that significantly removes much more of the soap residue and additional soil that even our regular process cannot get out. But that’s not all. With Ultra Clean we will apply an anti-microbial treatment to your furnishings and follow this with an application of carpet protector. Please ask one of our Sales Representative for more information.

On your rugs and carpets, we suggest that you use a good vacuum cleaner with a motor driven brush and beater bar.

Generally, the more amps the vacuum has the stronger the suction and beater action. A vacuum that is top loading where the dirt falls down into the collection bag is much more desirable than one that is bottom loading. Any vacuum will work better when the bag is empty rather than full. Empty or change the bag when it is half full. Use the new Hepa filter bags that are available for most models. These bags are more efficient and leave the air in your home cleaner than before vacuuming.

Be careful not to get the fringe of a handmade rug caught in the brush of the vacuum.

If it does, turn off the unit before attempting to remove it. When vacuuming, push and pull the cleaner in slow and even strokes allowing it to pick up embedded soil.

Use the hose connection on the vacuum to thoroughly clean all upholstered furniture, drapes and other window treatments. It is a good idea to vacuum all surfaces, hard and soft, at least once a week. Rugs and carpets should be done more frequently as they tend to pick up more dirt, dust and grit, and can hold a lot of soil.

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Professional In-Home Rug Cleaning Services

With three Certified Rug Specialists on staff and locations in the NYC area, we clean and repair both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, and machine-made rugs in several cities across New York and New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut. To speak with an expert, call 973-675-8313, or request a quote for our rug restoration, stain removal and protection, moth and insect control, and rug padding solutions.

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