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In-Home Furniture Cleaning

Rug Renovating’s specialized technicians are experts at cleaning all types of furniture fabrics.

Silks, wools, crayons and even Haitian cottons are all cleaned with extreme care for best possible achieved results.

We specialize in:
* Wall fabrics
* Fabric protection and Anti-Allergen treatments
* Treatments for odor and wear protection
* All types of furniture and upholstery cleaning

Depending on the fabric type, we have the ability to clean your upholstery in your home, have our delivery crews pick it up for cleaning at our plant, or you can drop it at our plant yourself and save.

Often times we have our carpets cleaned, but figure our furniture is in too bad of shape so we spend more money to replace them rather than having them cleaned and restored. Rug Renovating can help save you money with our upholstery and leather cleaning services.

So before you replace your favorite chair that is showing a lot of wear or your comfy sofa that reminds you of all the fun times you’ve had with family, friends and your beloved pets, call us and we will help to get it looking great again. We also offer fabric protection and anti-allergen treatments to keep them looking great and to reduce the allergens due to pet dander and dust mites.

More than 123 years later, Rug Renovating continues stronger than it has in the past, and more in-demand than ever. We understand the area residents value their belongings and always deserve the proper care needed.

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StatisticsReview of Rug Renovating

“I was really happy with the work that Rug Renovating did. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs furniture/carpet cleaning service. They have a reliable service. I had no issues with pickup…

Judy C. – Newark, NJ

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Why Choose Rug Renovating?

Get rugs 200% cleaner, safer, without harsh chemicals, in our state of the art cleaning facility!

100 %

Risk Free

5 Million

Rugs Washed
Since 1896

500 k+



Certified Rug Specialists on Staff

Certified Rug Specialists

ARCS & IICRC LogosWe are the only firm within 50 miles of New York City that employs a Certified Rug Specialist, and we have 3 on staff!

Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs such as Karastans, Couristan and broadloom carpet.

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Our Professionals Make the Difference!

Extensive training & background checks
Our trustworthy professional technicians receive a level of training that is unmatched in the cleaning industry.

Unmatched history
We have been cleaning & restoring rugs since 1896. Our state of the art facility is the largest in the USA – and we have cleaned over 5 million rugs!


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