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Unmatched History

ARCSThe Rug Renovating Company, the oldest and largest rug cleaning business in the United States, was founded in 1896 and has been family owned and operated continuously since that time.

Rug Renovating is the largest rug restoration and refinishing company in the country. Our master craftspeople can clean and repair almost any type rugs – antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs, and more!

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Personalized Rug Cleaning Service

Personalized Service

We will be dedicated to you and your clients’ specific needs backed by an office staff and supported by professional technicians who are experts in their field.

For protection, annual maintenance, emergency service, regular cleaning or restoration, you need only make a single call or email. We will do the rest!

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It Pays to Use Rug Renovating!

You will receive a 10% commission on any job that you refer. Rug Renovating is your worry-free, one-stop partner.

We aim to provide a high level of comfort to you since we encourage our valued customers to call us, rather than you, when in need of service or when emergency situations present themselves.

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Premier Rug Protection Program

Premier Protection Program

The Carpet and Rug InstituteOur Premier Protection Program will keep your beautiful designs looking their best for longer, creating happier clients and more referrals for you!

It is a complete maintenance program to assist in stain, soil and preservation of rugs, carpeting, fabrics and leather.

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What Our Customers Say StatisticsReview of Rug Renovating

We take pride in the services we provide, please feel free to read through our customer reviews and let us know if you have any questions

Our Services

Rug Cleaning - Designers

Rug Cleaning

Over time grit and dirt become embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is required. Rugs and other area carpets should be taken out of the home for proper…

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Rug Repairs - Designers

Rug Repair

The fringe is the first thing to go on a rug. Years of foot traffic on individual tassels cause abrasion to the fringed areas. Vacuum cleaners and other devices damage…

Learn More
Rug Restoration - Designers

Rug Restoration

Restoration will help retain the value of your fine rugs. Our detailed process is the finest, most gentle, & thorough rug cleaning available that warrant extraordinary care…

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Stain Removal - Designers

Stain Removal & Protection

Unsightly spots and stains do not come out very easily. We are skilled in deep stain removal care to get rid of dirt and mud, spills, wine, blood and more…

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Pet Urine Removal - Designers

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Our rug cleaning process is perfect for removal of pet odors caused by urine. We soak the rug in order to breakdown the urine salts that cause the odor. We then immerse…

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Rug Deodorizing - Designers

Deodorizing & Sanitizing

At times accidents will occur. You need to take precaution against unwanted bacteria and germs that hide in your rug fibers. We have products designed to treat odors…

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Moth Damage Prevention - Designers

Moth & Insect Control

Moths and carpet beetles are a major concern when found in wool rugs. The damage is done when the moth is in the larvae stage. The larvae feed on protein, lay eggs…

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Carpet Cleaning - Designers

Carpet Cleaning

Of all the cleaning methods available, we use steam cleaning which is by far the best, and when properly done produces the greatest results…

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Furniture Cleaning - Designers

Furniture Cleaning

We clean all types of upholstered furniture, including leather and fabric. Our cleaning technicians are trained & certified in the proper cleaning of all types of fabrics…

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Additional Services

Carpet Stain Protection - Designers

Stain Protection

Protect your rugs from stains, soil and wear! Fiber-Guard™ provides superior protection on each and every fiber in handmade rugs and carpets, wall-to-wall carpet, furniture, and draperies. Applied in your residence or business by our trained personnel.

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Rug Pads - Designers

Rug Padding

A rug or carpet pad can make or break the comfort and durability of your carpet because it plays a critical role in your carpet’s performance and appearance. All the pads we offer are custom-cut to fit your rug or to your exact specifications.

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Window Film - Designers

3M™ Window Film

Protect your interior furnishings from the harmful UV rays that facilitate fading! 3M™ Sun Control Window Film provides protection from 99% of the UV rays. Keep rooms up to 15% cooler, reduce glare and keep your blinds and drapes open during the day.

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Professionals - Designers

Professionals Make the Difference!

We are the only firm within 50 miles of New York City that employs a Certified Rug Specialist, and we have 3 on staff!

ARCS - Designers Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs such as Karastans, Couristan and broadloom carpet.

Extensive training & background checks Our trustworthy professional technicians receive a level of training that is unmatched in the cleaning industry.

Unmatched history
We have been cleaning & restoring rugs since 1896. Our state of the art facility is the largest in the USA – and we have cleaned over 5 million rugs!

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received over the past 120 years below.

Can you add special stain protectants to my rugs, carpeting and fabric and leather furnishings?

We certainly can! We offer a variety of protectants including Fiber-Guard Ultimate and MicroSeal. These are the finest stain, soil and wear protectants available. Once the stain protection has dried, it is NON-TOXIC & NON-ALLERGENIC. They make vacuuming more effective, allow for more complete stain removal and make future cleaning easier and better. These stain protectants can be applied in our cleaning facility or in your home. An annual maintenance plan is included with the application of a soil protectant. There is NO CHARGE for any spot cleaning service calls while you are covered under this specialty program.

Can you remove pet stains and odors?

Yes, our skilled technicians can remove pet and urine stains to various degrees depending on the age of the stain, the fiber that the rug or carpet is made of, if a soil protectant has been applied, the age of the pet and what steps have been taken to work on the stain. Our washing process and our guaranteed odor removal process is very effective in removing these types of odors completely.

Do you offer rug repair & restoration?

Yes we do! We have a team of 12 highly trained experts skilled in the fine art of rug restoration and repair. Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, and machine made rugs. We can expertly reweave holes, re-nap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug's size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel, and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.

How often should rugs be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning can vary depending on how much traffic the rug gets. Rugs in entryways, hallways, and eating areas may need cleaning every six months. Rugs in lower traffic areas rugs may only need cleaning every two or three years.

Do you offer a green cleaning process?

We have a great – completely green and chemical free cleaning process – that can be performed in your home or in our cleaning facility and it is called ResponsibleCare. All of the ResponsibleCare cleaning products including Allergy Relief Treatment are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), phosphates or other hazardous materials and are biodegradable and environmentally safe. In addition, they are derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds. The products are virtually odor free and have been specially formulated for use around people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities. They can be safely and effectively used in homes with children and pets.

How is Rug Renovating different from and better than other rug cleaning companies?

We have our own cleaning and repair facility. It is the largest in the country! We are family owned, 5th generation business, since 1896. We have washed over 5 million rugs for over 500,000 clients. We have 3 Certified Rug Specialists (CRS) on staff and there are only 55 in the country. We offer a 100% Risk Free Guarantee and we make it really easy!

Can other types of stains be removed?

Yes. Most stains can be removed, though results might vary depending on the type of stain and what’s been previously done to the stain. Our expert cleaning technicians take great care to remove stains as best as possible. In addition to having three CRS (Certified Rug Specialists) on staff we also have a Chemical Engineer who can address really difficult stains and color run problems.

What about fragile, old, antique or damaged rugs?

Our expert technicians can safely clean damaged or fragile rugs without causing further damage. Cleaning methods are modified for a specific rug’s needs. All rugs are thoroughly inspected prior to cleaning to ensure any spots of concern are addressed accordingly. These types of rugs are hand cleaned by one of our CRS (Certified Rug Specialists)

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